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Seminar for Caregivers, Caring for Aging

This seminar is 8 hours of information that will help you assist your care receiver. The caregivers who take this course will probably not need to hire anyone to assist them because they will have the information, and know the resources. Unfortunately, most caregivers wait until there is a crisis and then look for an expert in the field to guide them. It is a lot less expensive to take this seminar in advance of a crisis.

I have been teaching this practical informational course since the early 1990's. Initially the content was based on what I wish I had known during the time I was the primary caregiver for my parents. Over the years, it has evolved to include knowledge that gained from my professional experiences. The course covers basic Caregiver issues, and is helpful to caregivers in any situation, no matter how long you have been providing care. There is always a new challenge in the world of Eldercare.

The goal of this class is to make your last months and years with your care receiver the best they can be. Taking this course gives you the opportunity to learn from a Professional Geriatric Care Manager. You gain from my years of experience, the many continuing education courses, and from what I've learned from my clients.

Caring for Aging begins with a Glossary of Elderspeak, words you will hear when dealing with physicians, in-home aides, assisted living staff, and other Eldercare professionals. We will discuss how to improve your communication with your parents or care receiver, how to hold a family meeting, how to coordinate care with siblings.

Seminars offered through Richland College, and those offred by Collin County Community College, have had few enrollees, and are no longer being offered. However, either college would provide the class space for a Caregiving course if there is a demand. please let me know if you are interested, and I'll put you on a waiting list.

 This is the course description in more detail

 I. Basic Eldercare
            Glossary and definitions of ElderSpeak 

            Basic assessment

            Guilt and Stressors – caring for the caregiver                                 

            Communicate with your care receiver


            Family meeting – who makes the decisions?

            How your support system changes over the lifespan

II. Housing Options

            Spectrum from independent living through nursing home

            Facility assessment ratings 

            The cost of staying at home; Home modifications


            Fall Prevention

            How to pay for care

            LTC insurance

            Medicaid criteria

  III. Medical Issues

            Normal aging

            Cognition and aging

            Common medications

            Dangers of herbals

            Questions to ask the doctor

            Chronic conditions


            Finding a physician - geriatrician

            Changing treatment goals with geriatrics

            Medicare/. Medicaid/ HMO’s/ Medicare D

IV. Legal & Financial Options/  Death & Dying

            Identify Assets



            Directives and other legalities

            Glossary of death terms

            Saying goodbye

            DNR, OOHDNR, Directive, 5 Wishes

            Life review/  Reminisce

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