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Maintaining Function in Later LifeAging23.17 KBDownloadDefinition of ADL's and IADL's, retaining function allows older adults to remain in their home, and age in place. Loss of function may result from normal age-related losses combined with disease; the loss of function leads to placement in a community or d
Aging in Place can be DangerousAging254.52 KBDownload 
Out of Pocket Costs for CaregiversCaregiving67.38 KBDownload 
LaughterCaregiving14.93 KBDownload 
I want to go Home Caregiving83.10 KBDownloadI want to go Home
Holiday Visits & GiftsCaregiving114.20 KBDownload 
HappinessCaregiving28.05 KBDownloadVery little is known about what makes people happy; we have been focused on what is wrong with us, rather than what we are doing right! This article leads activities that lead to greater personal Happiness and how to be Happier.
Holiday VisitsCaregiving114.20 KBDownload 
Caregiver GriefCaregiving144.78 KBDownload 
Coping with Caregiver StressCaregiving195.46 KBDownloadSuggestions for relieving stress that is associated with caregiving.
Palliative Care & the End of LifeDeath & Dying309.70 KBDownload 
Lack of Awareness Prevents Patients from HospiceDeath & Dying67.05 KBDownload 
Peripheral MournersDeath & Dying64.80 KBDownloadOther people besides the family mourn the loss, too.
What I Learned from JohnDeath & Dying75.00 KBDownload 
HospiceDeath & Dying172.26 KBDownload 
Creating Moments of JoyDementia25.20 KBDownloadThis article is about adding happiness to your care receiver's day, especially if they have a dementing illness. Use them for a visit or to calm an agitated person or to add some peace and comfort to your daily caregiving day. "Creating Moments of Joy" is
Advances in CardiologyMedical83.10 KBDownload 
DeliriumMedical94.49 KBDownload 
Herbs are strong MedicineMedical156.97 KBDownloadIf you are taking any drugs or are interested in adding herbs to your routine, check first to see about any Interactions. Below are a few common herbs, their uses, and side effects.
HerbalsMedical86.51 KBDownload 

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