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 What Can an Aging Life Care Professional do for Our Family?


Aging Care SolutionsKay Paggi
Kay Paggi


    As a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, I have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality and availability of aging services. I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling and every year I attend several seminars in various topics related to Eldercare. I am an Advanced Professional member of the Aging Life Care Association, having joined the original association National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers in 1994. I have been in private practice since 1996. (For more information, see my Resume)

    I have been working professionally with aging adults and their adult children since 1989. I know the eldercare system, especially as it is in Dallas and the DFW area. Providing care for your parents is unpredictable, there are few people to turn to for advice, and the medical system is poorly organized. Let me help you help your care receiver.

    My goal as a care manager is to maximize the elder's independence and quality of life, no matter what the setting, and increase the quality of life for the caregivers at the same time. The average time spent providing care for aging parents in the U.S. now is 18 years. Caregivers need guidance in this new, uncharted territory, they need permission to take care of themselves first, and as a Professional ElderCare Consultant, I can provide that.

    Depending on the situation, I often become more a surrogate family member than an outside professional.  You, the caregiver, have a limited amount of time and energy.  You may spend it running errands, going to physicians, arranging care, cooking and cleaning, etc.  Or, you can choose to spend quality time with your parent and allow someone else to do the routine tasks.  Only you can provide the love.

"Kay did an excellent job of evaluating and summarizing Moms needs.  She was especially helpful in locating an appropriate place for Mom.  Within 2 days we were able to get a terrific place.  We would have spent weeks doing that and probably not found as good a place." -Wayne






Session Guide

     'Mental Aerobics' is a fun cognitive stimulation activity for superannuated adults. I designed Mental Aerobics in 1993 to help older adults believe in their own ability to think and problem solve. The goal is to raise the self-esteem of senior adults by demonstrating that they can continue to think creatively well into later life. 
     Mental Aerobics presents various types of brain games to be solved in a group setting. Those with an abundance of years are encouraged to believe in their abilities by their own successful performances. It has been used successfully in senior centers, a geriatric psychiatric unit in a hospital, dementia care communities, and retirement and assisted living communities.
     This Session Guide will be useful for anyone working with older adults in a group setting, social workers, activity directors, program planners, Sunday School teachers. The Session Guide contains material for 8 sessions, plus resources and suggestions for many more fun sessions.
     I have been using Mental Aerobics since 1993. It is gratifying to watch seniors come reluctantly into an initial session and gradually blossom into positive thinkers. There is no competition allowed, no timed activities, and almost all answers are acceptable. The idea is to think, not necessarily to come to a correct answer. Brains like to think!  
     The Session Guide contains modifications for most activities so they can be used with various levels of cognition. Some pages are left blank to make copying easier. The book itself is spiral bound so it opens flat. The price of $30 includes tax and shipping.

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